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Marriage Therapist Near MeLaurie Grengs and The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy provide comprehensive counseling services specializing in the area of marriage therapy. Located conveniently in Coon Rapids, MN. As a Marriage Therapist, Laurie has opened her heart and her mind to people who need help with their marriage. Marriage can be difficult and Laurie Grengs understands this. People are complicated, and in marital relationships those individual complications can become magnified, conflicted, emotional and complicated.   Laurie Grengs  believes that we can work to understand our individual and relational complications and become stronger than ever as a couple. The first step toward improving your relationship is contacting a marriage therapist near you.

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Seeking help is actually a sign of good marital health. Couples who go through periods of difficulty may be closer than they think to getting back to a healthy and fulfilling relationship. It may be that you simply have to employ new strategies in order to facilitate better communication or become more aware of the impact of your actions on your spouse. Whatever is causing your marriage difficulty, though, you can feel confident that Laurie will recognize and honor your individuality, and will offer honest feedback aimed at helping you and your spouse make real improvements to your relationship.

Laurie Grengs has practiced marriage therapy for more than three decades helping countless couples find solutions to difficult issues. As a result of having worked with so many couples, she has great insight about the causes of marital difficulty and the kinds of strategies that can work to improve your most fundamental loving relationship. She works with couples to identify the root causes of marital problems and replace them with healthier patterns.

Laurie recommends that couples always work from a loving place. Assuming best intentions go a long way when trust exists between you and your spouse during times of conflict. Furthermore, when you indicate best intentions, you automatically reduce the potential in your partner for a defensive response. And when confronting your spouse about hurt feelings or other negative actions, it may be necessary to offer honest and difficult feedback about your spouse’s behavior.

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Honest communication encourages trust, which in turn encourages responsibility for your own feelings and behavior. One way to effect this is to employ I-statements. In other words, rather than stating something like, “You made me feel X when you got home late and yelled at me,” you can rephrase your statement with, “I felt hurt and angry when you were so late and did not call me.”

Laurie is very good at helping couples understand the impact each is having on the other. And Laurie does so without judgment and always with fairness and honesty. As a result, couples learn to listen to each other better. Call Laurie today at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326 to schedule an appointment.