Marriage Counseling

Marraige Therapist Coon Rapids MNA marital relationship between two people is one of the most significant relationships a person will have in their lives. Every marriage has its ups and downs, or periods of highs and lows. During the highs, a couple will feel connected, in love, and passionate about one another. During a low period, a couple may be cold, distant, argue frequently, and may even contemplate separating. These stages can be short-term, lasting a few weeks at a time, or can be long-term phases that last years.

Marriage Counselor

Marriage is a life time commitment and can be the best and hardest journey that you will experience. Oftentimes, marriages have ups and downs, and many couples do not always know how to resolve the issues that they are struggling with. Although divorce may seem like the appropriate step to take when relationships get hard, the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is here to help the two of you rekindle your relationship and work through difficult problems. A lack in communication is often the source for problems in relationships, and a third party perspective can help mediate.

Sometimes couples drift apart. Oftentimes, people may realize that they want different things in life, one or more of the partners may be unfaithful, or they may feel stuck with no way out of the rut. Before seeking marriage counseling, one or more of the partners must identify that the marriage is in trouble and they must decide together that they want to attempt to repair their broken relationship. When you seek relationship counseling, we can help you open up the lines of communication and help resolve issues.

Coon Rapids Marriage Therapist

Every couple is different, and have their own struggles to work through. Not only do couples have their problems, but each partner has their own things to work through as well. Some couples feel as if one or the other is being neglected. Sex may be infrequent, too little, or no contact, which can be hard for one or both partners. To help you and your partner push through to become healthy, it is important to remember that you two have made a commitment to your partner. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy have a seven step program that allows you and your partner to work through the challenges you are facing and bring love and passion back into your relationship. We’ll guide and assist you to a new level of love. Please call for a wonderful opportunity at successful marriage therapy. We are located in the north metro and our number is 763-572-2326.