Marriage Counselor

Couples TherapyMarriage is hard. There’s no denying it. Couples have to work to have the marriage they want, and even if you love your partner wholeheartedly, that isn’t always enough to ensure you’re both happy with your relationship. So how can you grow and maintain a healthy, happy marriage?

At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, Laurie Grengs works with married couples who are going through the marital problems we all encounter during our years of marriage. Whether it’s the first year, ten years, or 50 years, a marriage is never perfect, and many couples need help identifying the problem areas in their marriage, addressing the problems in a healthy and productive manner, and creating real solutions that will ensure they achieve that marital bliss we all dream of.

If you’re looking for a Coon Rapids, Minnesota marriage counselor who can help you get your marriage on track, Laurie Grengs has the experience and the methods to help.

Marriage Counselor

One of the common misconception amongst struggling couples is that the marital problems you experience are drastically different than the issues other couples deal with. The truth is, most couples, married or otherwise, deal with very similar – if not the same – basic problems. The good news is that these problems can be addressed with the right methods and enough effort from both partners. The areas where a marriage can need improvement might include some of the common marital problems:

  • Poor, ineffective, or limited communication: When you and your spouse aren’t communicating regularly or effectively, your relationship suffers. Being open and honest, and remembering to include your partner in your thoughts will help keep your marriage healthy.
  • Prioritizing some areas of your life more than your marriage: No one wants to play second fiddle to their spouse’s hobbies or day-to-day activities.
  • Ineffective conflict resolution techniques: If your methods for solving and avoiding conflict aren’t working, it’s time to try something new that will work for your relationship.
  • Blaming your partner – or yourself – for your marital woes: No one likes to play the blame game, even with themselves.

7 Steps to a Healthier Marriage with Our Marriage Counselor

Laurie Grengs helps married couples resolve their conflicts and build a healthy relationship through seven steps, each designed to target common marital problems and promote better understanding and communication among couples. The seven steps to marital bliss we help you follow are:

  1. Act from love.
  2. Keep verbal communication to “I” statements: This helps you identify your own desires and issues and not place judgement or expectations on your partner.
  3. Get your priorities in order: Religious views, Marriage, then Business
  4.  Listen to your partner without agenda.
  5. Take time to soothe yourself.
  6. Share your daily agenda.
  7. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

If you want to follow the steps with your partner and need a Coon Rapids, MN marriage counselor who can help you along the way to a healthy marriage, call Laurie Grengs At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy at (763) 572-2326 or toll-free at (877) 572-2326, or email today.