Marriage Counselor, Blaine, MN

Marriage Counselor, Blaine, MNLaurie Grengs has offered marriage counseling services for those in Blaine, Minnesota, for well over three decades.  If you and your partner are struggling, or simply want to engage in maintenance of your relationship to ensure the long-term health of your marriage, contact Laurie Grengs.  Her office is based in Coon Rapids, and she is able to serve many other communities, including Blaine, MN.  She is an important part of the lives of countless Minnesotans.  That is because of her commitment to helping others understand the dynamics of difficult relationships and build resilience after trauma.  Of course, not all couples who seek her help are in dire straits, but for those who are in such situations, Laurie Grengs can be enormously helpful.

Experienced Marriage Counselor

Support for that assertion comes from her work with couples who have sought her for marriage counseling.  If you are in a healthy relationship that could benefit from a neutral third-party’s perspective, Laurie Grengs can help.  If you are in a heterosexual relationship, a same-sex relationship, or in a committed relationship without being married, Laurie Grengs can help support you and the growth of your relationship.

Laurie Grengs’ training and extensive experience can help you improve your relationship and make it healthier.  Relationships are complicated, and it too easy to ignore that fact.  We tend to take many things about our relationships for granted and focus on the many external factors that become important.  These factors contribute to why so many marriages end in divorce.  Seeking the help of a therapist like Laurie Grengs is a sign that your marriage is capable of being saved and that you are ready to focus on each other.  Even if you enter Laurie Grengs’ office with skepticism, the chances are good that you will leave with a different, and more positive, feeling about the potential for gaining traction in your marriage.

Steps Toward A Healthy Marriage

Laurie Grengs will work with you and your partner to determine the best possible approach to your counseling session.  You can count on her to work toward understanding the uniqueness of your relationship.

Over the course of her career, Laurie Grengs has developed some components that tend to work for individuals and couples.  Some of her recommendations include:

  • Being honest with your partner and yourself.
  • Making a commitment to the process of improving your relationship.
  • Being realistic about your issues and responding to them accordingly.
  • A commitment to greater self-awareness.
  • Working on your own issues with the same energy that you expect of your partner.

If you live in or near Blaine, Minnesota, and you are in a committed relationship and looking to reconnect with your spouse and/or improve a dynamic within your marriage, call Laurie Grengs at 1-877-572-2326 to schedule an appointment.