Marriage Counselor Andover MN

Marriage Counselor Andover MNEven the strongest marriages go through periodic strife.  Unhealthy marriages experience intense problems more frequently.  Married couples going through relationship difficulty, however great or frequent, have very likely not been given the means to address that difficulty. If you live in or near Andover, MN, and your marriage is struggling, consider reaching out to Laurie Grengs for help.  Laurie Grengs is a highly regarded counselor who has devoted much of her 35 year career to helping married couples gain insight into their issues and self-knowledge, which in turn can lead to better ways of responding to relationship conflict.

Experienced Marriage Therapist

Laurie Grengs has practiced marriage counseling for more than three decades and has helped many people in the Andover area through the healing processes associated with psychological trauma, unhealthy living patterns, and behavioral issues.  Those presenting issues can often manifest in the context of the marital relationship.  Laurie Grengs works with couples to help identify the causes of relationship issues and create new and healthier patterns.

Relationships are complex organisms.  That means that there are no easy solutions.  Couples committed to their relationships must commit to working hard to address and eventually fix the problems that develop between the partners.  Even though it is true that there are no quick fixes, it is important to work toward improvement so that progress can be made.

Strategies For Struggling Couples

  • Communicate from a place of love at all times with your partner. Well-intended behaviors encourage good communication.
  • Use “I” statements when communicating with your partner. Avoid making accusatory statements like, “you make me feel this way,” or “you’re always doing [this] and it makes me angry.”  Try to more objectively describe your partner’s behavior and the impact it has on you.
  • Listen to your partner. We often hear what our partners say, but don’t really listen.  If you hear your partner, but only do so in order to “win” the argument, does anyone really win?  If one of you wins, the other one loses.
  • Spend some time apart from each other and indulge in things you each enjoy. You should find a way to feel relief, but remember to come back to your partner when you’ve recharged your energy for working on your issues.
  • Be open and share your thoughts and experiences with your spouse. This will allow you to empathize with your partner better.

Get The Support You Need

Laurie Grengs can help you and your partner find a new level of love, that honors yourselves and each other.  She uses her experience, compassion and knowledge to help your marriage.  Call 1-(877) 572-2326 to make an appointment today.