Marriage Counseling Therapist

Marriage Counseling TherapistThe rewards of marriage can make us feel like we have won the lottery.  When things are not going well, however, the hard work of marriage can cause us to feel doubt, lead to fighting or neglect, and make us wonder if we really know the person to whom we are married.  There are, of course, myriad other ways to feel when our hard work does not seem to be paying dividends in our marriage.  No matter where you find yourself on the happiness spectrum, Laurie Grengs can be an invaluable resource to help you and your spouse feel closer, more strongly connected to one another, and ready to meet future challenges with greater potential to find the meaning in your relationship.

Licenced Marriage Counselor

Laurie Grengs is a licensed counselor who has helped many married couples.  She has decades of experience working with married people in both individual and couple settings.  Laurie’s knowledge of how human beings relate to one another goes a long way toward helping the couples with whom she works to feel more confident in their ability to relate to each other more meaningfully.  Laurie Grengs’ approach to marriage therapy is built on a foundation of honesty.  She will acknowledge that marriage can require extremely hard work.  But just as working hard on, say, a home improvement project can be difficult, the rewards can also feel transcendent and inspiring.  Laurie Grengs has helped people transcend their individual limitations and inspired them to see that they are stronger when they work as a team.

Marriage Counseling Therapist

Marriage is sometimes difficult because people are complex.  When married people struggle, the stakes often feel higher because of the energy required to address the complexities that define the relationship.  Some respond to times of struggle by shutting down or letting negativity fester.  Others respond to their struggles with persistence and constant effort to fix the problems that have come to light.  What may seem to be a desirable or effective strategy may actually be accentuating differences and exacerbating problems.  At such times, working with a therapist like Laurie Grengs can be like restarting a laptop that has begun to work more slowly.  The introduction of new insights from an impartial third-party can be exactly what you need to restart your relationship and function as a team again.

Are you Ready to Reconnect with your Spouse?

To schedule an appointment with Laurie, call 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326.  We will be happy to schedule a time for you and your partner and take the first step to getting back on track.