Marriage Counseling Near Me

Coon Rapids Couples TherapistLaurie Grengs is an excellent marriage counselor with more than thirty five years of experience working closely with couples. If you and your spouse are struggling to connect, are fighting more than you would like, or need help moving forward after a difficult time, Laurie can help. With an office in Coon Rapids, she also serves Blaine, Anoka, and other nearby areas in Minnesota, and she can help you and your partner find new ways to communicate effectively and find joy that is sustainable.

Relationship Counseling, MN

Even the most committed and loving people experience difficulty in otherwise healthy marriages. Seeking help and support is actually a sign of good marital health. Couples who experience relationship difficulty may be one simple solution or two or three helpful strategies away from getting back to good marital health. And Laurie Grengs is available to work with individuals and couples, providing them with new insights that can encourage strong communication and a new commitment and understanding.

Laurie Grengs has practiced relationship counseling for more than thirty-five years, and has helped many people through very complex marriage issues. Laurie Grengs works with couples to help identify the underlying causes of relationship issues and build on better patterns. The inherent complexity of relationships means that there are seldom if ever quick fixes. Couples who are committed to their relationship have to work hard to change behaviors that contribute to the problems that that arise.

Consider the following steps Laurie emphasizes when working with couples.

● Always act from a place of love. Engage in behaviors that encourage better communication. For example, if one or both of you have a penchant for becoming hostile or aggressive when consuming alcohol, acting out of love would determine that it is in your best interests to curb that habit.
● Use “I” statements when working through conflict with your spouse or partner. Be cautious about using conflict-oriented conversations to communicate a litany of complaints you have about your partner. Using “I” statements communicates that you take responsibility for your own feelings, but you may have to put extra energy into sharing specific feedback that doesn’t become a long list of complaints.
● Actively listen to your partner and resist the temptation to interject what you believe is more accurate or correct. Along similar lines, avoid the temptation of simply winning the argument.
● Take a breather. If you find that you and your partner are not being productive in your conversation, try doing something else that helps you relieve stress or recharge your energy.
● Be open to your partner. You chose to be together some time ago, and probably with good reason. When you indicate that you are open to your partner’s feelings and experiences, you encourage improvement.
● The importance of empathy can’t be overstated. By expressing your understanding of your partner’s experience, you indicate a mutual desire to connect and improve your relationship.

For more information about Laurie’s practice, or to make an appointment, call her today at (763) 572-2326.