Marriage Counseling Coon Rapids, MN

Marrige Therapy MNLaurie Grengs has been a practicing therapist in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for more than thirty-five years. She has made herself an indispensable part of the lives of many as a result of her commitment to helping others understand and heal from psychological and relationship issues. Nowhere is this more evident than in her work with couples while providing marriage counseling. If you are in a relationship that needs support, Laurie Grengs will help you. If you are a traditional heterosexual couple, a same-sex couple, domestic partners or a couple in a committed but not married relationship, Laurie Grengs will help you. She cares about helping people, not about the labels the world might have placed on you. If your relationship is struggling, Laurie Grengs wants to help.

Relationship Counseling, MN

Laurie is a counselor with the ability to help you save your relationship and make it healthier. By definition, relationships are complex and require ongoing work and maintenance. But in a complex world, which puts different kinds of pressure on us, it becomes so easy to neglect our most important relationships. That can stress the relationship and allow unhappiness to creep in. A qualified counselor like Laurie Grengs can help you reprioritize your relationship, and gain better balance.

As part of the healing process, Laurie Grengs’ work with you and your partner toward greater understanding of the unique relationship dynamics in your relationship. Understanding such dynamics can help you not only resolve some or all of your own specific issues, but change the patterns in your life that might otherwise mean continuing problematic behavior in your primary relationship.

Tips For Working Toward A Healthy Committed Relationship

To begin the process of working toward a healthier committed relationship, Laurie Grengs recommends the following:

● Honesty. It’s vital to relationships that they be based in honesty.
● Both partners must be willing to commit to healing the relationship.
● Realism. Problems can be complicated and fixing them can take time and occasionally accepting things that are not ideal.
● Self-awareness. You must be committed to becoming the best version of yourself and take responsibility for the impact you have on your partner.
● Address and remove the toxicity from your lives.
● Recognize that you deserve to have a life filled with love and self-respect.

Few counselors have committed their professional lives to helping couples work through relationship issues as Laurie Grengs has. If you are close to Coon Rapids and are in need of help with your relationship, call Laurie Grengs at 1-877-572-2326 for an appointment.