Life Coaching Coon Rapids

Life and Executive Coaching Services MNLaurie Grengs has served the Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, and other towns and cities in Minnesota for three and a half decades with excellent therapeutic care for a broad range of clients with many different kinds of mental health care needs. Individual counseling may be the original source of Laurie’s deep roots in Coon Rapids, but it is far from the only service she offers. Laurie Grengs saw the value in life coaching before it became part of our national vernacular, and as a result the life coaching she can provide for you is seasoned, mature, wise and effective. Life coaching can help you make important changes in your life and help you find solutions to questions and concerns that have been pressing in your life.

Make Positive, Life Long Changes

Laurie Grengs is a well trained life coach and she can help you unlock your potential and achieve a greater degree of happiness as a result. Whether you are aware of what your potential is or are still working to understand your potential, Laurie is trained to ask the kind of questions to challenge your thinking toward greater awareness. And greater awareness is, or perhaps should be, the ultimate goal of life coaching. To be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses allows you to address the limitations—real and imagined limitations—that have been placed on you and perhaps which you have been placing on yourself.

Life coaching offers a different perspective than traditional counseling often does. If traditional counseling tends to focus on specific issues that pose mental, intellectual, or psychological difficulty for you, life coaching tends to work toward optimizing your approaches to life’s various challenges. If counseling focuses on a problem, it may be said that life coaching focuses on a context. For example, you may feel perfectly confident in your own abilities, but you may have some doubts about how to approach others in a specific setting. You may not need a traditional counseling intervention, but instead you may simply need the perspective of someone with life experience, and the capacity to translate her insights into real-life coaching so that you can maximize your potential in that specific setting.

Experienced Life Coach

Laurie Grengs is a professional who has earned the trust of thousands in the Coon Rapids, Anoka and Blaine, MN area. If you’re looking for a great life coach or have been considering seeking someone to serve as a life coach, you can contact Laurie Grengs either by email or phone. Her email address is and she can be reached at either of the following phone numbers: (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326.