Personal Life Coaching Coon Rapids

Laurie Grengs Life Coach Coon RapidsIf you’re looking for a positive, long-lasting changes for your life The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can help guide you. We offer mentor services for people in Coon Rapids, so that we can help you take charge of your life. Our life coaching services have helped many distinguish what it is they really want to get out of life and successfully accomplish their desires.

If you are wondering where you’re going with your career, how to reach certain goals in relationships and/or career? This is when life coaching can bring you guidance, steps, and solutions to those pressing questions and concerns. Life coaching is about assessing your needs and wants with your life coach guiding you, drawing up a plan of steps to lead you quickly and effectively to the changes you want.

You may ask, how can life coaching really help? The training our life coaches receive, and our extensive, psychological background guarantees to bring you all the tools and guidance needed. Get a changed life filled with personal relationships that are mutually satisfying, a career that brings fulfillment and monetary independence that exceeds your expectations.

Wondering if you can have what you want personally and professionally? You can! Don’t hesitate, make your first appointment and you’ll get in the office promptly. Don’t put aside your happiness because of fear and confusion; you can have all that you want. We are here to assist, guide, and provide tools that will turn your surviving into thriving.

Give yourself the gift of a life lived happily in all areas. It is yours to be had! Call The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy at 763-572-2326, 877-572-2326 or email !

Life Coach Testimonial:

“I highly recommend Laurie Grengs for a Life Coach. I hired her for six months and she outlined very specific goals to assist me change my career path. I knew my career was not going where I needed it to go. I was quite discouraged when I called her. When I called Laurie, she talked to me for about 45 minutes at no charge to be sure we would be fit, if I were to hire her as my Life Coach. I stepped forward and I worked with her. Now I am in a new career and so satisfied with my job and I love my work now. I am so happy I decided to go to a Life Coach, especially having it be Laurie Grengs.”

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