Life Coach Therapy Coon Rapids MN

Life Coaching Coon Rapids MNWhy choose a Life Coach? Personal growth is constant, from the moment of conception, if not before, to your last breath and maybe even more. The reality is that we are all human beings on this planet, equal to each other in the greatest sense and at one time or another we will all need some extra help, aka coaching. Our Life Coaching Therapy Services in Coon Rapids, MN can help you break unproductive cycles to then construct new, more valuable ones that will, in turn, change your life. You and you alone are the only one with the power to change your today’s and tomorrow. Often, if you don’t know what you want, you don’t want what you’ve got. Our Life Coaching Services are designed to help heighten your perspective on life, work, family and more so you can live a life where you get what it is you want.

Throw out those Bucket Lists!

Who didn’t love that heartwarming movie that came out in 2007? But our Life Coaches want you to focus on now. Instead of making a list to do before you kick the bucket, why don’t you make daily life about living, instead of waiting to die? Who says you only need to skydive once? If that is what you want! We can help what you want out of life, not just before you die.

Dare to not only Daydream but to LIVE your Dream in the Day

When you find out what it is that you are always gravitating to and using resources on – solely because of pure, personal interest – believe it or not, you can shape your life around it! It doesn’t have to be the other way, regardless of what anyone says. What you love, where you find peace, enjoyment and comfort is what you should be focusing on, they will lead you to the happiest state of mind.

Happiness isn’t a thing, it is a state of mind.

With the Holiday Season here, it gets harder and harder to distinguish what happiness is, which means it is more important than ever to remember what the pursuit of happiness truly is and isn’t…

Let’s paint a picture. What is it that you want for Christmas? Is it happy kids? That proposal…finally? A new Droid? iPad? Puppy? The list can keep on going… And when you finally unwrap that thing – you are satisfied! But for how long? What happens when the toys are last week’s news and become an indoor obstacle course, if you find out that ring is cubic zirconium, you crash the droid, your iPad has to be taken back to the Apple store for repairs and your puppy wrecking havoc? Are you still happy?

Coon Rapids Life Coach

Our Life Coaching Therapy Services are designed to help you find your true happiness which comes from living the life YOU want! Schedule an appointment with our Coon Rapids Life Coach at 763-572-2326.