Life Coach for 2016

Coon Rapids Life CoachLaurie Grengs can give you the gentle push that you have needed to become your best self. As we head into 2016, it may be a good time for reflection on aspects of our lives that could benefit from some minor to major retooling. Laurie Grengs, a psychologist and Life Coach with more than 30 years of experience helping clients in the Coon Rapids, MN area, will encourage you to honestly and forthrightly identify those aspects of your life, and help you develop strategies for making the most of changes that are within your capacity to make.

Making Meaningful Changes for New Year

Let’s face it: We all have things in our lives that are not operating optimally. Over time, the strategies we have used in resolving conflicts or managing stress or responding to the demands of family can become tired and less effective. But this process of ineffectualness almost always occurs gradually and imperceptibly, causing us to be almost completely unaware that our familiar strategies are no longer working. When we are not tuned in to that gradual process, we are more likely to not notice the changes to them, and we may then blame ourselves for the failure of our familiar strategies when responding to common, if not normal, events in life.

Think of it like the gradual degradation of the oil that lubricates the engine in your car. For most of us, getting an oil change does not change the way we perceive the car’s performance. After another three thousand miles, the engine’s performance diminishes because of the degradation of the oil. But how many of us ever really take notice of the signs that indicate lesser engine performance? Metaphorically speaking, the same process occurs in our lives, with the strategies for dealing with life’s stresses running parallel to the engine oil described here. Over time, familiar strategies lose their effectiveness and need to be changed.

Do You Need A Gentle Nudge?

Laurie Grengs offers great “oil changes”! More specifically, Laurie offers Life Coaching in Coon Rapids that serves to add new perspectives on familiar problems, and strategies that help you reduce frustration by changing the patterns of your responses to them. In some cases, those strategies need to be built from the ground up. But in other cases, old and trusted strategies need only to be slightly adjusted in order to ensure optimum performance.

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of needing change, Laurie Grengs can give you the nudge you need to address the impediments that have been holding you back and free up your potential so that 2016 can be the best year of your life. Laurie Grengs’ Life Coaching can be exactly the push you need in order to understand that you not only are enough, but that you have been more than enough all along. Call 1-877-572-2326 for an appointment.