Life Coach Blaine, Minnesota

Life Coach Blaine, MinnesotaFor more than thirty-five years, Laurie Grengs has served the communities around Coon Rapids and Blaine, MN, with insightful and affirming counseling services.  As a psychologist with exceptional training and a proven track record of helping those who have sought her support, Laurie Grengs has improved the lives of countless Minnesotans.  One area that has evolved in her practice is the category of life coaching, which Laurie has provided with excellence.  As a result, the people who have taken advantage of her life coaching skills have maximized more of their potential.

Personal Life Coach, Blaine MN

A member of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, Laurie Grengs has been able to offer her experience and insight into intricate aspects of life in order to help her patients.  Laurie Grengs does not simply dispense wisdom, though she has it in abundance.  She works with you to help you see that you too have the wisdom to maximize your own potential by identifying the underlying causes of what is preventing you from tapping into your own potential.  Understanding what problems are buried underneath can allow you to address what’s on the surface and make the changes you need to make.

Laurie knows that we all suffer from some measure of insecurity and vulnerability, which can prevent us from living as fulfilling lives as possible.  By taking advantage of her life-coaching, you will almost certainly begin to feel liberated from what has been holding you back.  Laurie Grengs has great sensitivity and the ability to help you understand underlying causes and the effects they have on our lives.

Making Changes In Your Life

Life coaching can be similar to other kinds of counseling, of course.  In most areas that involve the mind and understanding how to maximize our potential, there is great overlap.  Life coaching tends to focus on issues of a more personal or professional nature that are holding you back from personal fulfillment and joy.  The life coaching Laurie Grengs offers can help you identify the issues that affect your life in a holistic way and help you find solutions to the questions and concerns you have.

Sometimes, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is the courage to take the leap to ask for help.  We have a natural obligation to contribute positively to the world around us, but believing that we must simply accept our lot in life is a way of allowing the forces of negativity around us limit our positive contributions.  Fulfilling our potential is therefore not an act of selfishness but an act of generosity toward other.

Laurie Grengs can help you create an equation with variables that work ideally for you.  Call her at (877) 572-2326 or email to schedule an appointment.