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Overcoming Loneliness

Being Happy While SingleOver the holiday season, it’s hard not to feel alone when you’re single. As you drive to and from get-togethers with your front seat empty, or only filled with presents. As your family members ask who you’re dating these days or even worse try and they play match-maker by telling you all about this person that is just perfect for you to settle down with… And though late at night may be hard by yourself, with a sleeping child next to you or with fur babies warming your feet – it is safe to say that loneliness isn’t the worst feeling one could feel.

There are Good Reasons to Be Single

There is a reason your single, a good one and it’s not because you’re hard to love, it because being single and happy is beneficial, though society many times doesn’t agree. While your single you have the time (though it doesn’t always feel like it) to work on yourself, your family and your interests. The journey of life is not diminished without a significant other, it is limitless! Instead of asking yourself ‘what would they think of my actions’ you can ask yourself ‘ what do I think of my actions’.

Find Yourself: Love Yourself

Being single is more than just loneliness, this is the time to find yourself, your passion and what you want to spend your time on. Don’t succumb to settling or put yourself on the online dating scene just to entertain yourself. Find other ways to preoccupy your time. When you can enjoy the time spend with yourself then you truly don’t need anything or anyone to make you happy, you already have it all.

Guidance on your Way

With unlimited activities, it’s hard to narrow your focus. That is where our licensed psychologist can help, we can work with you to help reveal your passions, help inspire new ones and aid you in being mindful in what really brings you lasting joy.

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