Licensed Psychologist Minneapolis

Psychologist MinneapolisLaurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist serving people in the Minneapolis greater metropolitan area. With over thirty years’ experience in counseling and life coaching, Laurie Grengs offers her clients a wide range of psychological and therapeutic services in Minneapolis to help them maximize their lives, address ongoing issues, and prepare themselves for a more fulfilling future.

Some of the specific services Laurie Grengs provides include the following:

  • Counseling Services – Focusing on issues such as depression and anxiety to substance abuse. In between, Laurie offers services that assist clients with marital issues, anger management, and trauma counseling. Laurie is capable of working with individuals in counseling settings and couples, most often in marriage-related counseling, but not limited to that kind of counseling.
  • Coaching Services – Laurie Grengs can build upon the more traditional therapeutic relationship with clients to provide Life Coaching, which is aimed at optimizing the clients’ ability to cope with, and performance in, a variety of settings and circumstances. An even more specific variation of Life Coaching is Executive Coaching, in which Laurie can help clients in more traditional business, corporate, or even academic settings identify the root causes of lower-than-hoped-for performance of teams and individuals, and empower the executive to take better advantage of skills and potential. In all cases, the client will be better prepared for the challenges prevented by conflict in professional or executive settings.
  • Psychological Evaluations – Underlying all of Laurie Grengs’ services is her capacity to understand the heart of the issues that are present for her clients. In some cases, one or more of the psychological evaluations at her disposal will help get at the origins of the presenting issues. She offers a range of psychological evaluations, including the following:

-Mental Health and Personality Disorders
-ADHD Screenings
-Learning Disorders//
-Developmental Delays
-Autism Evaluations
-Interpersonal Issues
-Behavior Assessment

Minneapolis Psychologist for over 30 Years

The professionalism and care provided by Laurie Grengs has been indispensable to the Minneapolis area for more than thirty years. The expertise that Laurie Grengs has earned in the areas described herein give a glimpse at the impact she has had on the Minneapolis community. If you are in need of fine-tuning the manner in which you view the world or more extensive, in-depth therapy, Laurie Grengs can help you. Often, what we need is simply someone to listen to us in order to help us make sense of life’s complications. In Laurie Grengs, the willingness to listen is matched by professional training and longevity of experience. You can make an appointment with Laurie Grengs by calling 1-877-572-2326.