Licensed Coon Rapids Psychologist

Support of Therapy MNNo matter who you are and what your background, day-to-day life can present many unique challenges as we adapt to changes, transitions, and other difficulties. Strong support during these times is critical and directly related to how well we cope with these challenges. Support can come from many sources including family, friends, spiritual leaders and other caregivers, trained in this area. One highly effective type of support is from a trained professional therapist who can help you sort through the challenges and develop strategies for coping. Laurie Grengs and her colleagues at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy serves clients all over the Coon Rapids, MN, area.

Psychological Therapy to Find Happiness and Peace

Laurie Grengs and her team have more than 35 years experience in couples counseling, marriage therapy, executive coaching, life coaching, depression therapy, trauma therapy, anger management and substance abuse. She and her team are also adept at addressing needs that are emotional, spiritual or internally/externally conflicted and determining how to effectively and lovingly approach each and every concern, need, and want.

If you are looking to change your path, feel happier or more fulfilled, you have the power to choose a different path for yourself that can lead directly to a feeling of empowerment and personal happiness. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can help you achieve this goal. Our therapeutic services organically assist our patients in understanding how their choices impact their life, from a daily aspect to the big picture. We are here to help identify potential negative patterns, which can sometimes lead to ruts and we can support a plan for a change that will lead to a more favored outcome. She will work to find a unique collaborative therapeutic plan that will meet your needs and help you achieve your personal goals.

Laurie Grengs: Licensed Psychologist, Coon Rapids, MN

Whether you’re dealing with a specific struggle, or suffer with ongoing depression, low self-esteem, contact our team today. Added support from a licensed psychologist may be just what you need to begin to turn the corner and feel more positive about the direction of your life. Laurie Grengs and her team serves thousands of clients in the Coon Rapids, MN area and can be reached at 763-572-2326, or 877-572-2326 (toll-free) or by email at . Get more from every single day!