Licensed Child Therapist Blaine

Child Therapist Blaine, MNAs a parent or guardian, when your child hurts, you hurt. It is very common that children feel the affects of issues related to family, school, bullying, health and other challenges. If your child is having trouble focusing on schoolwork, is having negative thoughts or is acting out, working with an experienced licensed child therapist can help. At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, located near Blaine MN, children receive age appropriate problem solving techniques in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Therapy provides an excellent way to open up lines of communication, relieve stress and improve coping skills as the child transitions through each developmental stage.

Overcoming Common Childhood Challenges

Children face many challenges every day that may put their wellbeing in jeopardy. The affects of living with anxiety, school bullies, social media trolls and other stressors can hold a child back from experiencing joy in their life. The therapeutic process has often been successful in overcoming many of these common childhood challenges.

• Family issues (divorce, new siblings or loss of loved ones)
• Abuse (physical, sexual, mental, or emotional)
• Low self esteem, perfectionist
• Health issues
• Trauma
• School problems (grades, peer pressure or bullying)
• Worry, anxiety, stress or depression
• Learning disorders
• Behavior disorders
• Financial hardship (hunger, homelessness, social standing)

Benefits of Child Psychology Therapy

The type of therapy that your child may receive at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy depends largely on the developmental stage of the individual child. Laurie Grengs is a psychologist with expertise in guiding children through challenges with dignity. Some of the benefits of child therapy include problem solving skills, improved communication and increased self-esteem.

• Replace negative behaviors with positive ones
• Learn problem solving techniques
• Improved self esteem
• Acceptance of feelings
• Improved behavior
• Setting goals
• Setting boundaries
• Improved self-control

What To Expect During Therapy?

Parents and children will likely have questions about what happens in therapy. The process often begins with an evaluation to determine the best type of therapy to address the child’s age, struggles and abilities. Talk therapy with active listening is a healthy way to express feelings. Games and activities may be introduced learn coping skills, self-expression and mindfulness.

Licensed Child Therapist Blaine, MN

With many years of experience as a Licensed Therapist, Laurie Grengs enjoys working with clients of all ages. Children’s therapy is especially rewarding as we can see the positive affects of child therapy as the child grows into each developmental stage. A good therapist can guide your child as they overcome challenges and allow themselves to be happy in whatever happens in the future.

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