Learn about Spiritual Relaxation

Learn about Spiritual RelaxationIf you live with anxiety, restlessness, and persistent uncertainty, you could benefit from spiritual relaxation. Laurie Grengs can help you achieve it. Laurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist who has helped countless people in her nearly 35 years in practice. Located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Laurie is a spiritual and psychological oasis for personal growth, who can help you find unconditional love within yourself and the ability to share that love with others.

What is Spiritual Relaxation?

Spiritual relaxation is a means of living effortlessly. With most aspects of life—such as succeeding in a career, getting into college, finding love—goals feel like a means to an end, which exacerbates such things as anxiety, restlessness, and uncertainty. Most goals in life require a great expenditure of energy, and often the expenditure is not toward the goals themselves, but responding to the fear of being unable to reach those goals. You may be trying to pursue a specific path or direction, and be less than consciously aware of the stress you are placing on yourself to succeed in achieving your goals.

With Spiritual Relaxation Success is Achieved

With spiritual relaxation, success is achieved not by perseverating on one goal or another, but by living effortlessly. It is about creating a neutral goal. Day to day living transforms from the familiar hard work and struggle to satisfy others’ definitions of success, and instead becomes a way of accepting the flow of life as natural and good. The goal is simply to be present, without the external pressure to create a better future, but to find contentment in each moment.

Spiritual relaxation should not be understood as being passive. It is about trusting your intuition and, in a certain sense, allowing all the time and energy you have spent on feeling anxious, restless, and discontented to finally work toward benefiting you.

Experienced Psychologist Specializing in Spiritual Relaxation

Spiritual relaxation introduces a new kind of lightness and hope into your life. It will help you live with an acceptance of what is, and will help you find the strength to accept those things that cannot be changed and the energy to work effortlessly toward those things that can. It is a way of allowing life to manifest in its own way without your trying to impose on it any particular direction, purpose, or objective of your own. If you are naturally inclined toward spiritual relaxation but have drifted away from it because of life’s circumstances, or if you are not inclined toward spiritual relaxation but feel a need for it, Laurie Grengs can provide you with the information and tools you need to take important steps toward a more casual, laid-back, easy-going existence.

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