Inner World of Unconditional Love

Inner World of Unconditional LoveWe know that unconditional love is an ideal and something to strive for, but it can be difficult, if not impossible, to attain. It is striving for it and getting closer to unconditional love that can provide meaning to our lives and give us the energy to fight back against feelings of despair when life begins to overwhelm us. While unconditional love may be difficult to achieve, it is certainly possible to exist within its influence. Possessing unconditional love may not be the point but realizing we are better off for striving for it, however, may be.

Find your Inner World of Unconditional Love

Laurie Grengs has helped many clients take steps toward finding an inner world of unconditional love. For many people, though, seeking this unconditional love is not possible until they are able to understand the experiences that have prevented them from feeling fulfilled, resilient, and prepared for the stresses of life and relationships. Unconditional love also involves forgiveness. Many people who have worked with Laurie Grengs have come closer to the ideal of unconditional love because Laurie has helped them forgive themselves for being imperfect. Being imperfect, of course, is arguably the most basic thing that unites us all.
The world around us does an effective job of convincing us that we should be perfect. We are bombarded by messages that remind us that we are not smart enough, thin enough, successful enough. Getting closer to an inner world of unconditional love begins with forgiveness—we must forgive ourselves for being imperfectly human. And a greater expression of unconditional love is being able to point our forgiveness outward toward the world that sends and reinforces those destructive messages.

The inner world of unconditional love allows us to respond to difficult situations with greater flexibility and tolerance. It allows us to see that we can only change the world within ourselves. The power to choose to forgive ourselves is a huge step in the direction of inner unconditional love, and it is one that is necessary to reach what should be a universal goal: inner peace and long-term, sustainable fulfillment.

Comprehensive Counseling Services

It is difficult to do this work alone. Laurie Grengs is uniquely able to help people understand what has been holding them back from experiencing fulfillment. She can help you get closer to the ideal of inner unconditional love. Laurie is a psychologist that offers many types of therapeutic services including marriage and couples counseling, depression counseling, family counseling, children’s counseling, individual therapy, trauma counseling, and therapy for substance abuse and anger management. To make an appointment with Laurie Grengs at the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, call her office at 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.