Individual Therapy Services Blaine MN

Supportive Help For All Ages

Psychology MNIndividual therapy services at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy meets the client’s needs in a one-on-one experience between the Licensed Psychologist and patient. Private therapy sessions are confidential and professional. We provide supportive help for individuals of all ages and circumstances. Our holistic approach is safe and appropriate for Youth Therapy, Adolescent Therapy and Adult Therapy near Blaine, MN.

Private Therapy Sessions

All natural therapy techniques are utilized during private therapy sessions at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. This can be a powerful intervention for clients of all ages. Individual sessions will vary dependent on the needs and age of the client. Each offers professional guidance and supportive help without the inclusion of medications.

Adult Therapy

Individual Adult Therapy may address a difficulty involving a past or present issue. During private sessions with one of our Licensed Psychologists you can explore your feelings in a safe, comfortable setting. Our goal is to develop a better understanding and awareness of how your choices and past issues relate to current feelings and behavior patterns. We will teach you skills that can help cope with current struggles and future concerns.

Adolescent Therapy

Individual Adolescent Therapy addresses struggles that deal with a multitude of issues. Adolescent issues can involve school performance, anxiety, self-esteem, inappropriate behaviors or problems with depression, family interactions and peer pressure. Each client has their own unique set of needs and experiences that play a role in how they feel and react to situations. Our therapists are experienced in providing supportive help for individual needs.

Youth Therapy

Individual Youth Therapy deals with concerns for younger clients. We use developmentally appropriate techniques that are nonthreatening and supportive. Our natural approach safely diminishes obstacles to growth and development. There is a family component that helps to develop healthy boundaries and behaviors.

Supportive Therapy Blaine MN

The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy specializes in Private Therapy Sessions that provide supportive help for clients of all ages. We tailor our completely natural approach for healing to meet the needs of each individual. The experienced therapists at our Coon Rapids, MN clinic treat a multitude of issues through Adult Therapy, Adolescent Therapy and Youth Therapy.

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