Individual Therapy Coon Rapids MN

Individual Therapy Coon Rapids MNIndividual therapy is known by several names: the more familiar ones are ‘talk therapy,’ ‘psychotherapy,’ and/or ‘counseling.’  Regardless of what name is used, when it is provided by Laurie Grengs, you can be confident that it will be an effective approach to therapy.  Laurie Grengs has offered individual therapy sessions in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for many years.  She has established a reputation for being an excellent Licensed Minnesota Therapist as a result of having spent so much time helping people resolve issues that have caused a diminution of their quality of life.

Laurie Grengs takes a patient-centered individual therapy approach, which means that she will do her best to make you feel comfortable with her, and include you in the process of determining the best means of addressing the issues that are affecting you.  So many people have benefited from Laurie Grengs’ Holistic Individual Therapy Approach.  Clients are given tools to help translate ideas discussed in their sessions to their everyday life.

Individual Therapy Sessions In Coon Rapids, MN

One of the reasons many people resist counseling is due to the difficulty of finding a therapist who offers a good fit.  But people who find Laurie Grengs have most often had the luxury of stopping the search for a therapist.  In Laurie Grengs, they find a therapist who offers a strong feeling of relatability, compassion, and extensive knowledge of the human mind and how to effectively create strategies that help people feel better about their lives.

One of the primary goals of individual therapy is to increase self-awareness.  Increasing self-awareness can happen on your own, of course, but the complexity of most psychological issues—especially if they involve such things as childhood trauma and other factors of a complicated nature—makes it far more difficult to gain greater self-awareness without the assistance of someone who is trained to provide help.

Find Support That Works For You

If you are lucky enough to have friends or family members who are willing and/or able to help you, you may be at an advantage compared to some people.  But even the most fortunate of people with helpful friends and family are likely to benefit more from the insight and assistance of a trained professional.  And when that trained professional has the unique combination of skills and insight as Laurie Grengs, it is only a matter of time before you begin to benefit from that combination.

Many people who have sought the help of Laurie Grengs affirm that she is able to help them feel more empowered to live a life with higher levels of satisfaction.  And that, after all, is what we all deserve.  Call 1-877-572-2326 today or email Laurie at to learn more or to schedule an appointment.