Individual Therapist Coon Rapids

Individual TherapistSeeking a mental health professional can be an intimidating experience. Individual therapy is extremely beneficial to many people. It can help with a variety of things such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, learning how to cope, effectively communicate and more. If you are distressed, searching to vent or looking for ways to improve you life, especially emotionally, the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is here for you. We are comforting, non-judgemental and can give you constructive help to improve your life.

By talking with a mental health professional, those with depression and other emotional disorders have found that their quality of living has improved. This can be a small increase or being completely cured – the spectrum of help provided through psychotherapy is vast and can be very long-term.

Those with mental health problems often feel like there is no way out of their problems. If they cannot be helped by a mental health professional, their first resource outside of medicine is usually self-medicating through drugs or alcohol. Others simply spiral out of control, which can lead to even worse mental disorders or suicide. By seeking a psychotherapist, these problems and burdens can be lessoned via support and the tools to get well.

Individual Therapy can help with many different things including:
● Panic Attacks
● Anxiety
● Family Issues
● Divorces
● Relationships
● Stress
● Shame
● Low Self Esteem/Negative Body Image
● Forgiveness
● Decisiveness
● Dangerous Coping Skills
● Control Issues

We make all of our clients feel comfortable by providing a quiet, safe and provide them with a private setting. Anything from self-esteem issues, anger, anxiety, depression or any stressor that are weighing down the daily quality of your mood and life. Break ups can be hard to get thought, betrayals can leave behind feelings of being lost and without the ability to forgive, which only hurts the person holding the grudge.

When you are looking for individual therapy in Coon Rapids, and the greater twin cities area, then the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is here for you. With more than 30 years of experience we have helped clients with a variety of personal challenges, and can help you as well. We want to help each one of our clients achieve a better life. If you have any questions or are looking for an experienced and open-minded therapist then give us a call today.