Individual Therapist Coon Rapids, MN

Coon Rapids TherapyLaurie Grengs offers individual therapy in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. She has been a licensed therapist for more than thirty years, and has a deserved reputation for providing excellent care and facilitating the healing of her patients. With the longevity of her career, Laurie Grengs has gained insight into many conditions and issues faced by people in our world, and she could be helpful to you. As diversified as her skills are, though, Laurie is especially adept in the following areas:

  • Depression counseling: Prolonged periods of feeling down—possibly with symptoms like an inability to feel optimistic or happy, not sleeping or sleeping more than usual, mood swings, etc.—probably indicate exploration of the possibility of depression. Laurie understands the complexities of the myriad circumstances that can lead to, perpetuate, and prolong depression.
  • Marriage counseling: Relationships are organisms unto themselves, of course, and all of the issues we face as individuals appear in the primary relationships in which we find ourselves. A qualified therapist can be important to unraveling the complex issues that occur in such relationships, and Laurie Grengs has gained great experience in helping couples figure out ways to get past problems that have been preventing them from experiencing the happiness and fulfillment that marriage promises.
  • Trauma: Whether trauma is recent and acute (such as a sexual assault or being the victim of a crime) or in your more distant past and more chronic (such as the loss of a parent at a young age or childhood molestation), Laurie Grengs can help you understand the issues as they present themselves in your life now. Trauma works on our psychology in unique ways, and can become patterns of adult behavior that do a great job of hiding the unhealthy results they create. Laurie can help you see those patterns and change the way they manifest in your life.
  • Individual Counseling: If you’re in need of a more long-term counseling relationship, Laurie can provide the kind of insight and ongoing support you need to find greater fulfillment.
  • Anger: Many of us respond to the issues of our lives with anger. Uncertainty about the future, financial problems, mistreatment by our bosses—whatever the reasons, anger that is not understood becomes a normalized response that builds on itself. And recent research indicates that anger does not provide a release, as was once thought, but actually causes problems with stress and greater risk of heart attack.
  • Substance abuse: Knowledge of how substances (alcohol and other drugs) affect us is essential to providing helpful counseling, and Laurie Grengs has that experience. If you or your partner is dealing with substance-related issues, Laurie Grengs can help.

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