Individual Counseling Coon Rapids MN

Individual Counseling Sessions When the stresses in life become a burden, sometimes the best decision you can make is to seek help from a licensed psychologist – someone who will not judge you and who is able to give you constructive help. In the Coon Rapids, MN area, that help is available at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy.

Reasons to Seek Individual Therapy

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, or you are experiencing greater stress on an everyday basis, or you are having trouble in different relationships, individual therapy can help to restore your mental health and comfort. Working with you one-on-one allows both you and the therapist to concentrate solely on you and the issues that are troubling you.

When you experience unusual feelings, exhibit odd behaviors, or cling to unusual beliefs, the underlying cause can be mental distress. Your therapist is trained to listen to you and to develop a strategy for overcoming these undesirable thoughts and behaviors. You will be taught how to deal with your symptoms, decrease your stress levels, and how to be ready to move forward when new challenges are presented.

What to Expect

First, your therapist will help you to identify what you wish to gain through therapy. Then your therapist will help you learn to develop positive thought patterns and behaviors so you can reach your goals and move toward a more fulfilled life.

We strive to help you to deal with the issues that led you to seek counseling so you can return to living a fuller, richer life. As you move toward emotional healing, the length of time you will spend in counseling depends upon many factors. Sometimes issues are resolved after a few sessions, while other issues may take much longer to resolve.

Some Issues We Can Help You to Resolve

We can help you to resolve difficulties with the following issues, and many more.

  •  depression, anxiety, and stress
  • self-esteem issues
  • codependency
  • sexual difficulties
  • grief
  • midlife crisis

 We are here to help. Please call us today at 763-572-2326, or toll-free at 877-572-2326, or email us at .