How To Create a Heart to Heart Marriage

A couple I worked with as their Marriage Therapist and Psychologist (names and dates changed to protect the couple’s privacy), described upon coming to see me for their first session, that they fought frequently. Erica and Paul reported that the subject that created the most conflict for their marriage was the lack of sexual desire in one partner and cyber sexual addiction in the other.

The creation of the union of two hearts for marriage is a great gift of the human spirit. It begins with the sense of oneness each person has with him or herself. Erica and Paul each had the gift of birth on planet Earth and what each of as a human being are born to, often presents as  the opportunity to transcend from.

I will present the marriage counseling of the above couple.  I worked with both of them over a significant amount of time. The following couple’s therapy is about Erica and Paul’s journey out of feelings of estrangement from each other to the creation of joy and bliss for each other and life.

Trauma was an experience they both had in their childhood. Each was born to families where alcohol was often over used by their parents to deal with deep hurt. Erica was sexually abused in childhood. Paul in his childhood was beaten routinely by his brother, as his parents were often absent.

More will follow about this couple’s marriage therapy and trauma therapy.