How to Become more Spiritually Aware

How to Become more Spiritually AwareThere are many paths to self-awareness, and all of them pose challenges, difficulties and rewards.  The challenges and difficulties are precisely what make the incremental achievement of awareness so meaningful and fulfilling.  For many people, spiritual awareness, or feeling connected to something greater than yourself, is very important.  Laurie Grengs is an experienced therapist who offers support for those who are looking to become more spiritually aware. As the founder of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, Laurie has been a licensed, practicing psychologist for nearly forty years.  In that time, she has grown to understand the power associated with helping others find meaning and fulfillment.

Do You Need Help Focusing on Spiritual Awareness?

Laurie has translated her own experience as a practitioner of psychology to assist others in becoming more spiritually aware. Counseling sessions with Laurie will focus on self-reflection, personal growth and overcoming all types of challenges. She can help you find your way out of pain from your past, find unconditional love of yourself and share that with others. Few psychologists have the unique combination of skills, professional training, and specific attention to spiritual awareness that Laurie Grengs possesses.  Laurie understands that striving for greater spiritual awareness may well require addressing the complex nature of your previous experiences, traumas, setbacks, insecurities, and obstacles.  No one is better qualified to establish a positive working relationship. Laurie will build on that with interpersonal trust and guidance through the time you work together.

How to Become more Spiritually Aware

Day-to-day life is filled with stresses, distractions, problems, and sources of confusion.  For many people who sense their own potential for spiritual awareness, those day-to-day issues impede their best efforts to reach a higher level of spiritual awareness. Establishing contact with a professional like Laurie Grengs can be the key to finally unlocking your spiritual awareness potential.  This is so because we have come to expect our day-to-day lives to be filled with stress, distractions, problems, and confusion and many of us have trouble finding a path to our own spiritual awareness in the midst of the constant background noise of daily living.

Experienced Therapist, Coon Rapids, MN

As our society becomes more comfortable with the true potential of therapy, psychologists like Laurie Grengs become irreplaceable sources of support.  Her vast experience is capable of helping a wide range of personalities with a wide range of presenting issues.  When you are ready to slow down the world around you, Laurie Grengs will be ready to talk with you and help you begin to feel the benefits of spiritual awareness.  To schedule an appointment, call her at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326.