How to Ascend as a Soul

How to Ascend as a SoulThe concept of the ascension of the soul has been compared to the more familiar concept of enlightenment. They may be synonymous and, over time, we may discover that there are subtle differences between the two concepts.

The desire to ascend as a soul has great value to people who are dealing with acute and chronic stress and also struggling to figure out how to persevere through that stress. Laurie Grengs is the ideal therapist to make progress toward your goal of ascension as a soul.

Awaken as a Person

Laurie Grengs has been helping people awaken to the realities of the world—those that have been limiting their fulfillment and those that have yet to be discovered—for nearly four decades. She is dedicated to helping individuals discover and live into their best selves and has a long track record of success. The many individuals who have worked with and benefited from Laurie Grengs’ good counsel would tell you of her caring nature, warm demeanor, and professional insight. Laurie’s goal is to help you find unconditional love within yourself and share that love with others.

For individuals who are drawn to the concept of ascending as a soul, it is important to know that soul ascension is not the achievement of paradise on Earth. It is not living a life free of pain and stress. In fact, ascending as a soul may be best described as greater awareness of one’s stresses and pain, which can in and of itself be painful. Understanding the origins of your stress can also be the first and arguably most important step in responding to it better. Ascending as a soul involves gaining perspective.

Work with an Experienced Therapist to Ascend as a Soul

If your life has been marked by prolonged and intense stress, gaining the perspective that you have survived and thrived through previous stressful experiences can provide the insight you need to recognize that your current stress is survivable. Getting through difficult periods in life can teach you that you have become resilient and wiser. Working with Laurie Grengs can reaffirm the wisdom you have gained and provide greater confidence for responding to future difficulty.

The soul that ascends understands that life always possesses the potential to be stressful, but that experience and insight (perspective) prepares you for the difficulties life will inevitably throw at you. Arriving at these checkpoints can be done alone, but it is far easier and more rewarding to do the work with an experienced and professional guide like Laurie Grengs.
Ascending as a soul could begin with a simple phone call. To schedule time with Laurie, call 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.