How Do Psychological Evaluations Help?

How Do Psychological Evaluations HelpHave you ever taken an online psychological quiz or test as a way to assess your mood or personality traits? Although these types of assessments can be entertaining, they are no substitute for a psychological evaluation administered by a Licensed Psychologist with years of experience. Psychologists at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy are trained to test and interpret the results in order to develop a viable treatment plan. Such evaluations can be used to gain a better understanding of where an individual is at in terms of mental health issues, learning disorders, memory problems or other difficulties that may benefit from psychotherapy.

What Are Psychological Assessments Used For?

Professionally administered psychological tests are an objective way to measure an individual’s psychological functioning. Testing can be done for several different reasons. For example, a child who is struggling in the classroom could benefit from an ADHD Screening, Autism Evaluation or screening for Learning Disorders.

The purpose of performing psychological testing is to come to a conclusion on the best ways in which to help the patient heal or overcome behavioral, personality or developmental difficulties. Psychological Evaluations can provide a depth of beneficial information for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals.

What is a Psychological Test?

Different types of psychology tests can be used, depending on the purpose for the testing. Psychological tests often involve checklists or questionnaires that have been standardized to make sure that each individual is being fairly evaluated no matter where they live or who is giving the test. A test that is norm-referenced can measure abilities of the test taker compared to others who are of similar age, grade level, etc.

What is a Psychological Assessment?

Psychological Assessment is a broad term for several different categories that may include tests, surveys and questionnaires along with observations and informal assessments. A psychological evaluation can usually be broken down into four categories of assessment.

4 Categories of Comprehensive Psychological Assessment

1. Psychological Interview Process
2. Norm-Referenced Psychological Tests
3. Informal Psychological Evaluations
4. Psychological Observations

Licensed Minnesota Psychologist

Licensed Psychologists are the only professionals qualified enough to both perform and interpret psychological tests and assessments. Licensed Psychologists at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can plan an individual treatment plan that focuses on a patient’s individual strengths and weaknesses as diagnosed through the psychological evaluation process.

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