How do I find the Right Therapist for Me?

Coon Rapids, MN Best TherapistIf you have reached the point of deciding that it is time to start working with a therapist, you should also understand that this decision is, in itself, a positive step. You may still feel a bit of anxiety about determining which therapist will be a good fit for you, and that is perfectly normal. Finding the right therapist for you is very important and it can determine just how successful you are in therapy.

Here are some tips for finding a good match for you:

1. Ask for personal recommendations: Your friends and family know you best. Asking loved ones for personal recommendations for area therapists may lead to someone who is a great fit for you.
2. Do your research: Look online for information on local therapists. Be wary of therapists who seem to be selling themselves. You should be able to get information about a therapist’s philosophy and approach which can help you determine if he/she is a good fit.
3. Think about gender: Many individuals have a gut feeling about whether they prefer working with a man or a woman. Trust your gut and if you have a strong feeling about working with a woman vs a man, do what makes you most comfortable.
4. Review a therapist’s skill set: Not all therapists have the skill set to serve all potential clients. If you have a good understanding of the kind of issues you want your therapist to help you with, you will be able to narrow down your initial choices rather quickly. For example, if you know you are dealing with some degree of depression and/or anxiety, but the therapist you have found does not work with depression and anxiety often, that therapist is not likely to be a good choice for you.
5. Interview: Most therapists offer initial consultations and this is an excellent way to sit down and determine if this is someone you want to work with. If after your first session, you do not feel a connection or potential for being understood and helped, you engage in self-advocacy by moving on and finding a better match.

Local Licensed Therapist

Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist with more than thirty years of experience working with her clients to help them achieve their goals. She has a wide range of expertise in areas of human experience covering such issues as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marital relationships, family counseling, children’s counseling, adolescents’ counseling, anger management, and trauma therapy. One reason that Laurie Grengs is so easy to recommend is that she is motivated by your well-being, not filling up her appointment schedule. And that points to one of the major factors in finding the right therapist for you—having the confidence that the therapist you choose to work with genuinely cares about you.

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