Help with Depression in Coon Rapids MN

Depression Therapy Sessions Coon RapidsThere will be times in your life that the unexpected happens. A close friend or family could suddenly come down with a fatal disease. You may be performing extremely well at your job, and you are suddenly notified that you are being laid off. Your spouse of decades may have just told you that they want a divorce. Commonly, these types of traumatic experiences lead individuals into a depressive state of mind, where they feel like there is no hope. If not managed properly and quickly, these depressive feelings can turn into devastating thoughts that could have a long lasting effect on the rest of an individual’s life. If you live in Coon Rapids, MN, and have gone through a similar situation and you are ready to get yourself help, consider teaming up with an experienced depression therapist from The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy.

An Alternative to Medicating

Sure, taking medication for your depression can help reduce your symptoms temporarily, but it does not offer long term benefits. Instead of becoming dependent on the medication, our staff can help you cope with depression without pills. Laurie Grengs, our licensed psychologist with 35 years of experience, can help you beat your battle with depression once and for all. Providing individuals with the resources to relieve depression naturally is our number one goal. No matter what age, our team of counselors has resources that help you grab a hold of your life and steer it down a more straight and productive path. Happiness can be felt again in your life, so don’t give up! Our hope is that one day, you will look back on this dark time of your life and be proud of how far you have come with your depression.


“I was looking for a psychologist that would help me with the break up with my girlfriend. I found Laurie when I was searching online and reached out to her. She has helped me so much with my self-esteem and assisted me to change my patterns in relationship with women. I am now in a new relationship that is loving and respectful that is leading to marriage. I recommend Laurie highly.”

Getting to speak with individuals a few years down the road after depression counseling is what makes our jobs so special. If you are like the individual above and searching for depression help in Coon Rapids, MN, team up with The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy today! Give us a call at (763) 572-2326 to learn more about our holistic counseling services that can help with depression.