Help With Anxiety in Bloomington MN

Therapy for Anxiety Bloomington MNResearch has found that anxiety disorders are the number one mental illness in the United States. Nearly 40 million Americans have an issue with anxiety to some degree, which amounts to nearly 18% of our total population. With such high numbers, it is evident that resources are needed to help those struggling with this disorder. If you are looking for anxiety help in Bloomington, MN, The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is the team for you! Learning how to cope with anxiety without pills is a high priority that Laurie Grengs, a licensed psychologist, and her staff teach individuals that seek anxiety relief services. The relief you receive from medication is temporary. Let our staff help you find a long term solution to relieve anxiety naturally.

Anxiety Services Offered

Anxiety can be tied to a wide range of things for an individual. Our staff offers an anxiety therapist that can help you with any of the following areas that you may be experiencing anxiety from:

  • Depression – If your anxiety is not managed properly, this disorder can strengthen your depressive feelings. Before the combination of anxiety and depression gets the best of you, put your faith in our team to help you get through this dark time in your life.
  • Marriage – Not all marriages are a fairytale. If something in your marriage is causing anxiety in your life, we can help you determine the source. We are committed to providing you resources that will help you overcome the anxiety and experience a new found happiness with your spouse.
  • Trauma – Going through a traumatic experience in life is sure to cause anxiety. Whether it was a car accident or you were a victim of abuse, there is help available to help you focus on the many positive aspects of your life.
  • Personal – School, a stressful job, and relationships are common causes of anxiety for individuals. Our anxiety counseling services can help you work through your struggles so that you can experience joy more regularly.
  • Anger – Some individuals use anger to cope with their anxiety. If you are not careful, this can negatively affect the relationships that you have in your life. Let our experienced staff help you manage your anxiety and express your emotions in a more positive way.
  • Addiction – Similar to medication, some individuals dealing with anxiety resort to alcohol and drugs to cope with their pain. Partner with our team every step of the way to help you overcome your addiction.
  • Coaching – We also offer life and executive coaching for individuals struggling with anxiety.

As research has shown, you are not the only one in this world struggling with anxiety. If you live in Bloomington, MN, team up with an anxiety therapist at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy today by calling (763) 572-2326.