Healing Your Marriage: Do you (both) Have What It Takes

Marriage Therapy Coon RapidsThere is no such thing as a perfect marriage. No matter how compatible you and your spouse are, there will be times where disagreements occur. Recently, the divorce rate has risen to nearly 50%, so it is almost like the flip of a coin as to whether or not your marriage will last. If you and your spouse are dealing with hard times in the relationship, marriage counseling may be an option for you. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is a marriage and couple counselor in Minnesota. Not all couples have what it takes for marriage counseling to help the marriage, but our dedicated staff is always willing to give it a try! No matter if the trouble has just begun, or you have been struggling in your marriage for years, our team of counselors are here to help.

Marriage Therapy Coon Rapids

We are a marriage friendly counseling center, however sometimes staying in the marriage is not the best option. Signs that marriage counseling may work for you and your spouse include the following:

  • Knowledge – As a couple, are you both focused on thinking outside of the box and willing to learn new habits? We have plenty of resources to assist you, however you have to be willing to absorb what you learn.
  • Humble – It is imperative that couples are able to own up to what they have done wrong in the marriage. Additionally, being right cannot be your number one priority during these counseling sessions.
  • Flexible – Life throws you curve balls all of the time. A successful marriage is built on being able to adjust to what comes your way in life, good or bad.
  • Honest – Commitment to each other and being totally honest can help make marriage counseling successful.
  • Understanding – Using this time to really listen to what your spouse is struggling with is vital. Put yourself in their shoes to understand the pain they may be feeling.
  • Mental Stability – If either side of the marriage struggles with mental disorders such as depression, addiction or anxiety, marriage counseling becomes increasingly more difficult.
  • Willing to Listen – Understanding how your spouse handles tough situations can go very far in your relationship. If you are willing to adjust your behavior around how your spouse copes, marriage counseling could be a success.
  • Committed & Mature- That day you got married, you made a commitment to your spouse. If you both truly value this commitment and respect each other, your marriage can be saved!

So, if you live in Minnesota, and think you have what it takes as a couple for marriage counseling to heal your marriage, The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is ready to partner with you. As an experienced marriage and family therapist, we have the resources to strengthen your marriage, as long as you both are committed. Give us a call today at (763) 572-2326 to set up a marriage counseling session.