Healing from Your Past

Individual Counseling Coon RapidsWho doesn’t have skeletons in their closet? That’s right, we all have skeletons in our closet. Another related question is, who doesn’t convince themselves that they are the only ones with skeletons in their closet? It seems normal, if not healthy, to convince ourselves that our skeletons are unique, and possibly more horrible, than others’ skeletons.

Individual Counseling Coon Rapids MN

But that kind of self-convincing negative inner talk may be exactly what delays or even prevents us from healing from whatever damage those closeted skeletons have caused. A reality of being human is that we all have an ego. There is no chance of our ever ridding our lives of our egos. They are as permanent and immutable as our DNA codes. Our egos often convince us that we have no choice but to live with the pain and difficulty that goes along with a checkered past. So the emphasis should not be on ridding ourselves of our egos, but instead the emphasis should be on understanding the impact that our egos have on limiting or preventing the healing that we all deserve to experience.

Looking Inward In Order To Move Forward

Laurie Grengs is trained to you put things in perspective and help you heal from the pain in your past. When we find ourselves in need of coming to terms with the events of our respective pasts, finding someone with the insight and experience to offer honest feedback about what is holding us back from healing can be liberating. Realizing that life almost guarantees that we will hurt others on occasion is another potential source of liberation—it allows us to understand that, even the most kind-hearted and empathic people can cause pain to others. With the assistance of a professional like Laurie Grengs, however, the transgressions we commit against others can be placed in a new and healthier perspective. Laurie Grengs can help you find the means of doing the hard work of forgiving yourself for whatever it is you have done in your past that remains a part of your present.

Partner With Laurie Grengs To Heal

One of the hardest, and most valuable, lessons to learn is that your unwillingness to confront your past may be one of the primary reasons you are in constant danger of repeating the mistakes you have already made. Laurie Grengs can gently and convincingly showed you that your insistence on clinging to ego-driven self-judgment is causing continued pain. Partnering with a professional like Laurie Grengs and realizing that you want to change this behavior allows you to finally begin the process of healing.

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