Grief Therapist MN

Coon Rapids, MNWe tend to think of grief as the emotional response to loss—the death of a loved one or a pet are examples. Such events certainly are likely to elicit a grief response, but it is also important that we recognize that grief can occur from many kinds of losses. People who move to new parts of the country grieve the loss of familiarity of location and proximity to community. Others grieve when they retire from a job they have held for many years. And while grief is a normal part of the human palette of emotions, for many people it can become overwhelming. If you have been experiencing grief and believe that the experience has been going on for too long or if your grief is of a kind that you cannot make sense of, seeking the help of a grief therapist may be exactly what you need.

Don’t Manage Your Grief Alone

Laurie Grengs, a licensed psychologist, lends her decades of experience and natural empathy to her clients. For clients who are grieving, Laurie provides a powerful combination of empathy and the professional skills necessary to help grieving clients understand their grief better and begin the process of moving forward.

Holding in Your Grief is Counterproductive

At some point in our lives, we all feel the pain of loss. The way in which we express grief may not always lead to relief or catharsis. Holding in your grief can be counterproductive. Laurie Grengs can help you find ways to more effectively express your grief and deal with it more honestly so that you can move forward. If you have been taught that expressing emotions that are negative is not appropriate, you may consider your grief to be a burden on others. The bottom line is that you have an inherent right to feel grief after you have experienced loss or gone through a trauma, and that may mean that others’ responses to your grief may simply be impatience or discomfort with emotions that are not seen as positive.

Experienced Minnesota Grief Therapist

Laurie Grengs can help you make sense of the unique experience you are having with grief. She has been a licensed psychologist for well over thirty years, and has worked with many people who have been dealing with grief. And she can help you. Laurie has depth of insight, warmth, kindness, and an honest desire to help you. When you are ready to reach out to her, you can do that by calling either of these two numbers: 1-877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326; or emailing her at .