Finding The Support You Need to Be Your Best

Individual Counseling Sessions MNThe benefits of therapy are as multifarious as the number of people who seek its help. On occasion, the marketplace accurately describes a quality service, and that is the case with Laurie Grengs, who has offered psychological, emotional, marital, and even spiritual counseling for more than three decades. The market continues to reaffirm that the service Laurie Grengs provides is helpful and often transformational for those who seek her counsel.

Coon Rapids Counselor

Laurie Grengs has served the Coon Rapids, Minnesota, area with great success because she has honed her expertise. Further examination of that expertise reveals that it is based not only in professional training, but in having found the exact right avenue for sharing her natural skills in our shared world. Laurie Grengs was meant to be a therapist, and though there are many specific reasons to support that fact, it is her longevity as a successful practitioner of mental well-being that affirms the statement most simply.

Identifying Your Personal Battles?

If you have unanswered questions about your life, or merely a nagging feeling that something is not quite right in your emotional or psychological world, Laurie Grengs can help you. And that is how issues manifest in most of us: We sense that something is not quite right, but the busyness of our lives causes us to push our awareness of the issue to the proverbial back-burner. And when life reinforces the patterns of not dealing directly with our issue (or issues), we tend to normalize the avoidance of the issues.

But we all know that there are times when those difficult issues simply will not be denied. We may disguise them or create outwardly effective coping mechanisms to appear to be okay, but in reality those things are working on us from the inside. Our coping, our denial, our covering up of the impact of those issues eventually can have the effect of creating even greater cognitive dissonance (conflicting messages) inside us. Without addressing the underlying causes of such things, we eventually break down. And if those occasional breakdowns are dealt with using the same strategies of avoidance or denial, we inch ever closer to emotional catastrophe. That description may seem overly bleak, and possibly exaggerated. But for some it is not, and for all of us there are cautionary lessons.

Laurie Grengs Combines Knowledge and Experience To Help Clients Achieve Balance.

If you recognize yourself in any of what is described above, and especially if you live within range of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, consider reaching out to Laurie Grengs. Three-plus decades’ worth of providing excellent care and insight to patients can help you find balance, inner peace, love and joy. Take that first step and call Laurie at 1-(877) 572-2326 or email her directly at .