Family Therapist in Coon Rapids MN

Family Therapist in Coon Rapids MNFamilies are complex. There are likely as many kinds of family stresses and concerns as there are individuals who make up families. Even families who appear to be fully functional and healthy to outside observers could probably use the occasional reset that is offered by family therapy. As issues in our society become more intense, more and more families could benefit from the help of a qualified family therapist like Laurie Grengs. If the problems that your family is experiencing fall into more serious categories—including but not limited to substance abuse among one or more family members, anger management issues, depression or anxiety, or physical abuse, seeking help from a professional may be a necessary next step.

Family Counseling Services in Coon Rapids, MN

Laurie Grengs has practiced family therapy in Coon Rapids, MN for more than three and a half decades. She has been successful in her work as a family therapist because of the combination of her length of experience, her keen insights into human nature, and her natural human compassion and empathy. Individuals and families who have worked with Laurie Grengs consistently report that they feel heard and understood. Knowing that your concerns have been heard and understood are arguably the most important catalysts in making progress toward healthier family relationships. Laurie works with families on a wide variety of problems and issues including financial difficulty, substance abuse, behavioral concerns, academic issues, work issues, family transitions (including divorce and blended families), mental health issues, grief and illness.

Improve Your Family Relationships

Not only does Laurie have the capacity to help you feel heard and understood, her experience allows her to help you and your family members hear and understand each other. Laurie also understands that there is no magic potion that a therapist can give an individual or a family that will help them heal. Simply going to see a therapist cannot initiate the healing process. Laurie understands how vital it is to help family members acquire the skills of listening and responding positively to family members. Laurie will also help you understand that listening and responding well do not always fall into the category of harmony. Delivering honest feedback to someone can be extremely difficult, but it may be necessary to do that in order to achieve the healing you desire for your family.

To schedule a time for your family to meet with Laurie Grengs at her Coon Rapids office, call 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.