Family Counselor Coon Rapids, MN

Coon Rapids Therapy for healing from unhealthy familyLaurie Grengs has been a practicing therapist in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for more than three decades and has established herself as a trusted family counselor and steadfast advocate on behalf of community members who are seeking to heal from all kinds of psychological injuries.  Proof-positive of Laurie Grengs’ commitment is her willingness to deal with the toughest of those issues.  Among the toughest of issues to help clients with is the toxicity of some parents and the effects that it can have on individuals into adulthood.

Support in Healing from Family Issue

Healing from pain always requires work.  But healing from pain that has been inflicted by a parent is among the most difficult to heal from because we know intuitively that our parents are supposed to nurture us and help us heal when life causes pain.  We are programmed to think that they should not be the sources of pain.  But sadly, sometimes they are.  Laurie Grengs is a family counselor who understands the complex dynamics of families.  She will provide support in healing from difficult family issues.

As part of the process of healing, Laurie Grengs’ work with you would likely include gaining greater understanding of the unique family dynamics that have been present in your life.  Understanding such dynamics can help you not only resolve some or all of your own specific issues, but change the patterns in your life that might otherwise mean continuing problematic behavior in other relationships.

Healing From Pain Associated With A Relationship With A Toxic Parent

To begin the process of healing from the pain of a relationship with a toxic parent, Laurie Grengs may recommend some or all of the following ideas and/or messages:

  • Ending a relationship with a toxic parent is okay.
  • It is also possible that the better choice is not ending your relationship with a toxic parent.
  • Be realistic about the possibilities for your relationship with your parent.
  • Work to become more self-aware as it relates to your relationships with other people in your life. We employ strategies in life largely because they are successful.  But when things get complicated by a parent’s toxicity, it is possible to lose perspective and implement strategies that are not always healthy for us.
  • It is important to recognize your own patterns in relationships so you do not inadvertently employ toxic behavior yourself.
  • Recognize that you deserve to have a life filled with love and self-respect.

Family Therapist, Coon Rapids

However these issues manifest in your life, Laurie Grengs will see you as an individual and will help you heal from the difficulties you’ve been dealing with so that you can move forward with purpose. For more information or to make an appointment, call 1-877-572-2326 or email Laurie directly at .