Family Counselor Andover MN

Family Counselor Andover MNLaurie Grengs provides Family Counseling Services to the community of Andover, MN. Her counseling practice is based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and Laurie has helped the surrounding communities for more than three decades. She has established herself as an advocate on behalf of community members who are seeking to heal from all kinds of psychological injuries. The complex relationships of families often require specific attention and keen insight, and Laurie Grengs possesses both. Whether family issues originate in a lack of awareness in one or both parents, or in behavioral issues in one or more of their children, Laurie Grengs can help you get to the heart of the issues that are affecting your family.

Andover Family Counselor

Identifying the complex issues within your family dynamic that need attention can be difficult, but a therapist as experienced and wise as Laurie Grengs can help you figure them out. Such issues are seldom as simple as originating in only one source and healing from the issues that affect families always takes time and effort. Healing from the pain that has been inflicted by a family member or by family dynamics can be much more difficult. Making sense of the relationships in which the difficulty takes place can be very difficult. Family relationships should not be the sources of pain, but reality often dictates that they are.

Healing From Family Struggles

Laurie Grengs is a family counselor who understands the complex dynamics of families. She will provide support in healing from family issues. As part of the process of healing, Laurie Grengs’ work with you would likely include gaining a greater understanding of the unique family dynamics that have been present in your life. Understanding such dynamics can help you not only resolve some or all of your own specific issues, but change the patterns in your life that might otherwise mean continuing problematic behavior in other relationships.

There are many potential causes of family problems. Some of the most common sources of stress include:

  • Financial difficulty
  • Substance abuse (this can be by either a parent or child)
  • Behavioral concerns (often with a child)
  • Academic and work issues
  • Change within the family dynamic (divorce/separation, blending a family, changes in living arrangements)
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Illness

Whatever your family situation, Laurie Grengs will draw from her vast experience offering her best advice and support for you and your family. Call Laurie at 1-877-572-2326 to schedule an appointment.