Family Counseling

Coon Rapids Family TherapistLaurie Grengs offers Family Counseling services to the residents of Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park, and Anoka, Minnesota. She has practiced in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for well over three decades and has built a practice that provides clients compassionate advocacy on behalf of all people who are seeking to find healing from all kinds of interpersonal and psychological issues. More proof of her commitment to help everyone she possibly can is her willingness to work within the context of some of the most difficult issues we can experience: those that originate within the family. Issues that tend to be among the most difficult in the category of family issues are those that stem from the toxicity that some parents introduce into children’s lives. Many parents do not intend to do this, of course, but instead tend to repeat the patterns of their own childhoods in the lives of their own children. Laurie Grengs can help clients understand those patterns and create strategies to work through them and heal.

Understanding Complex Family Dynamics, MN

Healing from pain that has been inflicted by a parent can be the most difficult. This is due to the vulnerability that children feel and the myriad reasons that many parents exploit that vulnerability. Children understand intuitively that their parents should be nurturing and encouraging, and are ill-prepared when their parents are unable to provide this support. Laurie Grengs is a family counselor who understands the complex dynamics of families and her expertise will provide insight so that all family members can move forward in a positive way. The sources of family problems can come from many factors including financial stress, substance abuse, mental health issues, grief, illness or sudden family changes/adjustments.

As part of the process of healing, Laurie Grengs’ work with you will include gaining greater understanding of the unique family dynamics that have been present in your life. Understanding such dynamics can help you not only resolve some or all of your own specific issues, but change the patterns in your life that might otherwise mean continuing problematic behavior in other relationships. She understands that the love that is present in families can help heal all wounds and bring families back together.

Approach Family Relationships in A More Healthy Way

To begin the process of healing from the dynamics of families that suffer from some degree of toxicity, creating a relationship with Laurie Grengs will help the members of the family approach their relationships in healthier and more positive ways. If you live in the Minnesota area and are looking for more joy in your family relationship, you should reach out to Laurie Grengs. Not only will she offer you the compassion, listening skills, and professional expertise that she’s known for, she will offer practical strategies to help you feel better about your potential to feel better about the issues that are present in your family relationships, whatever they are. Call Laurie at (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326 to make an appointment.