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family therapy providerFamily counseling can serve many purposes and focus on many different relationships within a family. Typically, family therapy involves the relationship between parents and children, and sometimes the relationships between multiple parents and children, as a whole. Family problems come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no quick fix to resolve family conflicts (though we’d all love for that to be the case). Like the problems in any relationship, family issues are complex and multi-sided, which means that it can often take a neutral party to discover the underlying issues in family relationships or communication in order to build healthier relationships that will stand the test of time and future obstacles.

While some family problems can be “minor,” requiring behavior alterations or changes in viewpoint, other family issues may be more severe, requiring extensive delving into past experiences, pent-up feelings, unspoken thoughts, and physical and emotional barriers. No matter how challenging or simply your familial struggles may be, we’ll strive to help each member of your family feel as much as part of your family as the rest, and help each individual overcome their challenges within the family structure, whether they be personal struggles or struggles with other family members.

Common Causes of Family Problems

There’s never just one right answer when it comes to family issues, and often times, there’s far more than one right answer. Especially when you factor in the needs, desires, challenges, and thoughts of every family member involved in your family problems, what can seem like a small problem can turn out to be a very large and complex familial issue that needs to be sifted through and pulled apart until everyone understands their role and their challenges within the problem. Some common causes of family problems could be:

  • Financial Hardships
  • Substance Abuse (By a parent or child)
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • Academic and Work Issues
  • Family Adjustments (Including divorce/separation, blended families, changes in living arrangements)
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Grief
  • Illnesses

All of these family issues are perfectly normal, and though undesirable, are able to be resolved with open and loving communication. One of the most important things to remember when dealing with any of these challenges, and what so many of us tend to forget, is that the love we have for our families is capable of bringing people back together, giving us the courage and motivation to resolve unpleasant issues in a healthy and productive manner.

Improving Family Relationships

All relationships face challenges that can add strain to an otherwise healthy relationship, and when your family bonds are threatened by family issues that you aren’t able to resolve, don’t feel like you’re alone. You’re never alone in family challenges, and it’s important to remember that; we are never alone in our families. What you’re feeling, the problems you’re seeing with your family dynamic, and the challenges you can’t overcome with your family should be, and are, all shared concerns among your family members. When one family member is unhappy, it’s usually safe to say that everyone else knows, one way or another, and that means that, even when you think you’re suffering in silence, your family is probably facing just as many challenges, and quite possibly the same challenges, as you are. At the very least, everyone is either directly or indirectly affected by each issue within a family, and that means that the best and only way to move past these challenges and improve your familial relationships is to confront your issues head-on and come up with solutions together.

Healing from Poor Relationships with Parents

Moving on from family challenges and a poor relationship with a parent can be a challenge for any child, young adult, or adult, and unless you confront unresolved issues, you’ll never have the relationship you want with your parents. If you need help coming to terms with the relationship you have or had with your parent, building the relationship you want, or having conversations you’ve never been able to have with your parent before, a family counselor could help you confront and overcome the challenges facing your relationship with your parent. We’ll help you come to terms with what you want from your relationship, go through the motions to secure the relationship you want, and make sure that you can live a life you’re proud of without the pain of a strained relationship with a parent.

If you’re in need of family counseling, no matter your family dynamic, family challenges, or individual needs, we’re here to help you create the family relationships you want. Call us at 763-572-2326 or toll-free at 877-572-2326, or email to begin your journey to building a healthier, happier family.

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