Family and Marriage Therapist Coon Rapids

Twin Cities therapistLaurie Grengs is a licensed and respected therapist whose practice operates out of Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Laurie’s perspective on counseling comes from the belief that love can help us overcome even the most ongoing, persistent, and difficult traumas. She also understands that healing from such things often requires great commitment and an enormous amount of work.

Laurie Grengs treats the whole person and this extends to her marriage counseling. This is rooted in Laurie Grengs’ belief in the potential of the whole person. In determining the best course of action for a couple, a family or an individual, Laurie listens to her clients and makes recommendations for them based on her knowledge of the person and on her more than thirty years’ experience as a counseling professional. Her foundational philosophy is based on the power of love—more specifically helping her clients find love for themselves—and the creation of a positive relationship with her clients, which helps to unlock their potential for greater understanding of the issues that are holding them back from experiencing joy more frequently.

Use The Power Of Love To Strengthen All Aspects Of Your Life

Additionally, Laurie’s work to understand her clients by means of her training in psychotherapy includes a belief in the potential provided by psychological assessments. Laurie Grengs is able to use assessments to gain greater understanding of the individual, a couple and the underlying nature of their presenting issues. The categories that Laurie addresses include the many forms of depression; marriage counseling; family counseling; trauma counseling (which can come in the form of understanding early life trauma, up to and including more recent experiences); anger management counseling; substance abuse counseling; and life coaching.

If you live in or near Coon Rapids and feel the urge to seek assistance for marriage counseling or virtually any issue affecting you in an emotional or spiritual way, or if you are being affected by external forces completely outside of your control, you would do well to consider the kind of help that Laurie Grengs can provide you. The nature of Laurie’s counseling philosophy begins with the belief that all human beings have a right to love, a fulfilling life, filled with joy and meaning. Often, the complexities of the lives we lead prevent us from seeing the subtle changes that become entrenched patterns, which affect us negatively. Seeking a counselor of Laurie Grengs’ stature and professionalism can help us overcome the limitations of our busy lives and help us breathe a spiritual sigh of relief.

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