Experienced Therapist

Twin Cities therapistLaurie Grengs has spent her entire career helping people of Coon Rapids, MN through a wide variety of personal, psychological, marital, and emotional issues. The world is more complex than it has ever been and this may be making individuals experience greater difficulty. Laurie is available to help us deal with the stresses and traumas that life is increasingly dealing us. Whether it’s the current state of geopolitics, issues related to police overreach, civil rights, environmental realities, or individual work or family difficulty, we are bombarded by more stress than ever before. Laurie Grengs will help remind her clients that we need each other to get through difficult times. She can help you find the happiness and inner peace that you are looking for.

Experienced Therapist, Blaine, Coon Rapids, and Anoka, MN

When our personal lives are in turmoil, we may be less aware of the larger, global issues. A qualified, licensed therapist, such as Laurie Grengs, can help us reconnect with and achieve better balance between the larger issues by helping us make sense of the personal issues we face. Without realizing it, the emotional and/or psychological weight we end up carrying can build up subtly over time. Laurie Grengs is an expert at helping people identify the factors that are preventing them from seeing the signs of buildup of emotional weight. More importantly, she can help you develop approaches and strategies for improving those aspects of your life that are weighing you down.

Psychological support, such as those offered by Laurie Grengs, help us through the toughest times. She has provided important services in the realm of psychology for more than thirty-five years. Her history of offering professional and empathic insight to clients in search of greater clarity and resolution of issues is strong. Laurie has the insight and experience to help you make sense of your world on your terms. So, whether you are in need of a simple restart or a more complex and long-term system update, Laurie Grengs can be of assistance to you.

Comprehensive Counseling Services

To give a better sense of the range of services Laurie Grengs offers, here are several categories to help you narrow your own focus and get a sense of the breadth of her expertise:

1. Counseling (marriage, depression, trauma, individual, anger management, substance abuse, etc.)
2. Coaching Services (executive and life coaching)
3. Psychological Evaluations (helping to establish a baseline of knowledge of the origins and severity of the issues you wish to resolve)

Laurie Grengs takes your welfare and your wellbeing seriously. Her approach to counseling is patient-centered and inclusive. She understands the importance of listening. And while there is no automatic solution to the complex issues we face, Laurie Grengs will offer you patience and persistence, which will allow you to recognize the progress you’re making toward a more joyful life. Call her at (763) 572-2326 to schedule an appointment.