Experienced Therapist Minneapolis/St. Paul

Twin Cities therapist Laurie Grengs is a licensed and local, Twin Cities therapist whose many years of experience has been assisting people in many different kinds of psychological trauma. Laurie Grengs has a private office that encourages trust and confidentiality, which in turn enhance the healing nature of the therapeutic relationship.

The benefits of the kind of therapy Laurie Grengs provides are numerous. But arguably most notable among Laurie’s skills is her great capacity for empathy, compassion, and understanding. Combined with years of experience and exceptional listening skills, Laurie Grengs takes a patient-first approach the way she establishes rapport and, sometime later, the therapeutic relationship.

Understanding, Supportive Psychologist Can Meet You Where You Are

And it is Laurie Grengs’ vast experience that provides reassurance, greater insight, and clarity for her clients. And a reassured client is one who begins to heal as a result of nourishment that flows through Laurie Grengs’ contributions to the therapeutic relationship. The role of a therapist is to facilitate understanding in her client, when understanding has been hard to come by. Laurie Grengs offers her clients a comforting, private environment in which to share details of their lives, from which patterns can reveal responses to behaviors and external experiences that have inhibited happiness, fulfillment, and full-functioning.

So whether you are overwhelmed by stress or simply trying to make sense of what seem like minor issues, a qualified, licensed psychologist like Laurie Grengs is capable of meeting you where you find yourself on the spectrum of psychological need and helping you get to where you want to be. Starting a relationship with a counselor or therapist requires taking a leap of trust. With someone like Laurie Grengs, that leap is not as far as you may think. When warmth is characteristic of that therapist, and when it is offered in the comfort of a private space where confidentiality is guaranteed, you are on your way to feeling the full benefit of a trained listener. And when that trained listener has the insight to reflect your thoughts and feelings in a way that provides greater understanding of your experiences, you will understand more about your life and the issues that are present in it. And that is when the healing process begins to help you feel like you are making progress.

Take The Next Step Toward A Brighter Future With Laurie Grengs

Laurie Grengs has a combination of warmth and expertise that hastens healing. If you are trying to make sense of something in your life that’s been confusing to you or if you’re struggling mightily with issues that trace back to childhood, Laurie Grengs can help you gain greater understanding. Call her for an appointment at 1-877-572-2326.