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Experienced Counselor MNLaurie Grengs is an experienced psychologist and counselor that has served Minnesota and the Coon Rapids and surrounding communities for more than three decades.  The general public knows more about depression than it has ever been, thanks to a variety of social factors that have taken away the stigma of seeking help.  Depression is an illness of the mind in the same way that the common cold is an illness that affects our physical being.  Many still believe that depression is just sadness, feeling down, or that it is a matter of choosing to feel negative about the world.  Furthermore, many of us still believe that, because it is “just” those things, depression can be easily overcome by deciding to feel better or by going shopping. Laurie Grengs knows that depression is much more complicated than most of us know.

Depression Counseling, Coon Rapids

Many of us forget that depression can also result in serious physical effects.  Those who have never experienced depression often fail to understand that depression manifests in the experience of real physical pain.  It is this truth that results in some people’s inability to extract themselves from their beds in the morning or to accomplish the most basic of tasks like brushing their teeth or properly nourishing themselves.  People suffering from depression describe a feeling of enormous weight that keeps them from completing tasks that would not cause a non-depressed person to think twice.

Does depression cause these symptoms or do the symptoms lead to depression?  Though the answer could be different for everyone, the simplest response is that both truths may be valid.  The individual who suffers a physical injury may become depressed from a long time spent in recovery from that injury, and a person who suffers from depression is at risk for experiencing health-related problems.  Both can make the other worse, but Laurie Grengs offers help understanding these complicated processes.

Comprehensive Counseling Services, Twin Cities And North Metro

In addition to providing strong depression counseling, Laurie Grengs also specializes in anger management, marriage counseling, substance abuse, trauma counseling, individual counseling, life coaching and executive coaching.  No matter what your struggle, Laurie can help you find your way forward, with real and effective solutions and insight.  If you live in the Coon Rapids, Twin Cities, or North Metro area, call Laurie today at 1-(877) 572-2326 or email her at to set up a time for an appointment.