Depression Relief Counseling Coon Rapids

Depression Relief Counseling Coon RapidsDepression can take many forms: loss of sleep, sleeping excessively, loss of appetite, or increased eating, despair, difficulty concentrating, hopelessness, low self-esteem, and sometimes, suicidal thoughts and feelings. It may slowly take over your life or hit you instantly. The feelings, thoughts and actions associated with depression can leave your life seemingly empty, hollow and insignificant. If you are suffering from depression, reach out – it will be the first step you take in getting your life back and enjoying it. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, located in Coon Rapids, MN can help, we use a purely non-medicated approach that will allow you to benefit for life.

Treating Depression with Therapy

Depression is treatable with informed, competent help and can be left behind forever. Depression can result from life circumstances, i.e. loss of a loved one, loss of job, and hopelessness about a life that you want to be rewarding for you. Psychotherapy has a long history of many effective treatments for depression, that have been research based and time tested in the practice.

Freedom from loneliness, anguish, hopelessness and despair is at your door knocking as you read this article. I am committed to assist you in a collaborative therapy relationship to regain your life and inner peace. It can be done: healing your depression and alleviating it totally. Laurie Grengs has worked successfully as a psychotherapist for over thirty years, healing depression in adults and assisting women and men to move beyond depression to a life rich with meaning and love.

Relief from Depression

The solution is only a phone call away. You can make your first appointment and be guided out of the horrors of depression. Please call today and give yourself the gift of life, a thriving joy beyond any comprehension of what you think or believe currently.

I look forward to being your Depression Psychologist and assisting you in creating an ongoing experience of joy in all areas of your life. Call us today at 763-572-2326, 877-572-2326 or email at !

Depression Testimonials:

“I was looking for a psychologist that would help me with the break up with my girlfriend. I found Laurie when I was searching on line and reached out to her. She has helped so much with my self-esteem and assisted me to change my patterns in relationship with women. I am now in a new relationship that is loving and respectful that is leading to marriage. I recommend Laurie highly.”

“I found Laurie Grengs from a friend who had been seeing Laurie for psychotherapy in regards to struggles she had from her childhood. My friend recommended I see Laurie because I was having nightmares and a lot of anxiety. I went to see Laurie and am continuing. I have Post Traumatic Stress and Laurie’s help as a psychologist is changing my life. My nightmares have stopped and my anxiety is decreasing every session I have with Laurie. I am so grateful I found her and I am continuing to see Laurie for therapy until all my goals are achieved.”

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