Depression Therapist Anoka County

Depression Therapist Anoka County | Coon Rapids Depression CounselorDepression can be horrible.  It can be relentless.  It can be overwhelming.  And, most importantly, it can be defeated.  Most people who beat depression do not, and can not, do it alone.  The work is hard and requires the willingness to be open to new and different perspectives.  Depression tends to prevent us from being able to accept new perspectives when we isolate ourselves from others’ perspectives.  That is due, in part, to the reality that depression can cause us to have difficulty trusting other people.  But when you work with Laurie Grengs, you will be likely to trust her professionalism and expertise first and her caring nature soon thereafter. Laurie Grengs has been practicing counseling for more than thirty years.  In that time, she has helped many people through depression, no matter how severe.  She has a reputation for providing care with empathy and deep insight.

Importance of Seeking Therapy for Depression

Finding Relief From DepressionDepression occurs in different people for a wide range of reasons. In individual therapy sessions, Laurie Grengs will work with you to help you understand the origins of your depression.  As you gain greater understanding of the origins of your depression, you will be able to see patterns that can provide you with insights that help change future behavior.  If you are unsure about the cause or causes of your depression, Laurie will explore the possibilities with you and help you make sense of this.

Laurie can work with you individually or in group setting. Many people who benefit from one-on-one therapy also benefit from group therapy contexts.  Group therapy is exactly what it says it is.  Instead of working individually with a therapist, you participate in group discussions facilitated by a qualified therapist.  Laurie offers group therapy as an important option for those who can benefit from it.

Many people who are dealing with depression convince themselves that they can manage their depression on their own.  Doing so often leads them to believe that doing anything other than hiding the causes of depression under emotional sediment will make things worse.  But it is the very act of burying feelings that can exacerbate your depression.  And a good therapist like Laurie Grengs will help you manage the fear and anxiety that can accompany the positive steps forward you take when you confront your depression. You can find freedom from anxiety, loneliness, anguish and hopelessness.

Find Relief from Depression

Depression is simply not the kind of issue that can lend itself well to self-management.  Depression is not only horrible, relentless, and often overwhelming, it is also sneaky in that it convinces many people to try to address it alone.  With a therapist like Laurie Grengs only a phone call or email away, there is no reason to try to address it on your own.  To schedule an appointment, call 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326.