Depression Relief Counseling MN

Depression Help MNOne of the more prominent issues preventing people from living life to higher levels of fulfillment is depression.  Depression can manifest in multiple, sometimes paradoxical or even contradictory ways.  The classic and most recognizable symptoms of depression are, of course, sadness and isolation and long periods of feeling down.  But for some people, learned behavior causes them to create the appearance of happiness, while the more classic symptoms are held underneath and hidden from public view.  Laurie Grengs, a therapist based in Coon Rapids, MN, understands the many and complicated dynamics of depression and can help you better understand its unique presence in your life.

Treating Depression With Therapy

Laurie Grengs’ is a member of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy and conducts her practice based on the principles and values espoused by the Center.  She understands that every person deserves to feel free of the depression that can be so crushing and dominant in one’s life.  And she also believes that the best way to attain a level of fulfillment that depression prevents is to gain greater understanding of the underlying issues that lead to depression.  Further, Laurie Grengs will work with you to create strategies for addressing the presence of depression so that you can take action steps that will help you combat the patterns that make depression so difficult to undo.

Coon Rapids Therapist

Laurie Grengs has practiced counseling for more than three decades.  She has served many people in and around Coon Rapids, MN, during that time and, as a result, the people who have benefited from her wisdom and professionalism are happier and more fulfilled.  Every one of them took the opportunity to seek her out.  If you have thought about the possibility of treating your depression with therapy, you would do well to consider making contact with Laurie Grengs.  Depression, as you likely know, can be unrelenting, persistent, and has a way of building upon itself.  But Laurie Grengs can work with you to give you some relief from depression.

One of the most insidious aspects of depression is that it creeps up on us and very subtly becomes an apparently permanent part of our life patterns.  As a result, one of the most courageous things we can do is to seek the help of a therapist like Laurie Grengs.  The attention and reaffirmation she provides is often enough to offer a sense of the relief that is possible.  And by working with her more regularly, you are likely to feel yourself changing the patterns in your life that have become so entrenched.  But with Laurie’s help, you can reverse those patterns and feel more fulfilled.  Call Laurie at (763) 572-2326 for more information or to schedule an appointment.