Depression Help Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids Depression TherapyDespite the fact that the general public is more aware than ever before that depression is an illness of the mind in the same way that the flu is an illness of the body, there persists a belief that depression is “just” sadness, or “just” feeling down, or “just” a chosen feeling of negativity that can be easily overcome by simply deciding to feel better. Laurie Grengs understands that depression is far more complex than we typically understand, and her commitment to helping people find their best possible path to wellness demonstrates respect for that complexity.

Physical Symptoms of Depression

What is often lost in the public discussion of depression is its physical manifestations. Those who have never felt depressed, much less been diagnosed with depression, often fail to understand is that depression often results in the experience of actual, physical pain. It is this reality, for so many people, that results in the inability to get out of bed in the morning; to complete simple tasks like paying bills on time; and tending to personal hygiene. Often, people suffering with depression describe themselves as feeling a tremendous weight that prevents them from performing the daily tasks that, for most people, require little thought and little energy.

A question legitimately arises as to the point of origin for these manifestations: Does depression lead to these symptoms, or do those symptoms cause depression. While the answer is different for everyone, the most simple answer is that both are true. A person who, for example, suffers a serious physical injury may become depressed from a prolonged period of infirmity. Conversely, a person who suffers from depression is also likely to be more susceptible to physical health-related problems, which in turn exacerbates depression.

Despite the strides our society has made with regard to its perception of depression, it still has a long way to go. The subtle messages received by people suffering with depression from a fast-moving world that seems to have little patience for those who can’t keep pace reaffirm and reinforce the underlying issues of the individual’s experience with depression. The messages that communicate that the individual is “just” feeling sad or “just” in need of a boost or even “just” dealing with depression (as though depression is a less legitimate illness) feed the feelings of inadequacy or insecurity that create patterns of pain that make depression insidiously difficult to overcome.

Depression Support from Laurie Grengs

But finding help from a qualified professional such as Laurie Grengs truly can help the individual with depression changed the patterns that lessen quality of life. The work is hard, but it is ultimately valuable to the person who not only comes to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but begins to understand that they deserve to feel its warmth. If you are in the Minneapolis, MN and would like to set up an appointment with Laurie Grengs, call 1-877-572-2326 today.