Depression Counseling, Coon Rapids, MN

Depression Counseling, Coon Rapids, MNThe National Institute of Mental Health reports that depression is the most common mental disorder in the United States. It can be so serious that in some cases an individual may have to take full disability from their job– and in other (perhaps best) cases, individuals function well and suffer silently. Laurie Grengs specializes in depression counseling for those in the Coon Rapids, MN area. She has found success treating individuals battling depression and helping them find the joy in their lives. With more than thirty five years of experience, she can help you find relief from depression and begin to heal.

Non-Medicated Approaches To Depression Treatment

Depression can occur anywhere and can happen to anyone. It can manifest with loss of sleep, sleeping all the time, loss of appetite or eating too much, hopelessness, lack of self esteem, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. It can impact individuals of any age, gender and socio-economic class. It can be caused by life circumstances like the loss of a loved one, job loss, or a change in financial circumstances – or it can be a lifelong battle.

Psychotherapy and other non-medicated approaches to treating depression can be extremely effective for those battling depression. Partnering with a trusted, experienced therapist can make a huge difference for a client who is struggling. Laurie Grengs is an advocate for those in the Coon Rapids area struggling with depression and will give you the support, time, and attention you need to make headway in your battle against depression.

Experienced Depression Counselor, Coon Rapids

The kind of training that Laurie has received and the years of practice she has accumulated create the potential for understanding of the causes of your depression to occur. And when you begin to understand the sources of your depression, you have a much better chance of making progress toward living life free of depression. Laurie can provide depression counseling therapy for a short period or time or an extended time, depending on your unique needs.

Laurie Grengs is known among her professional peers as a consummate professional. She is in the business of psychology for all the right reasons—namely, to relieve individuals of the difficulties they are experiencing by helping them understand the causes better. When you begin to feel the relief that can come from working with Laurie Grengs, you will almost certainly understand the advantages of living in a supportive community like Coon Rapids. Feeling that support will in turn help you feel lighter and better prepared to face the sources and causes of your depression. Call Laurie at (877) 572-2326 or email to schedule an appointment.