Dear Laurie

Dear Laurie,

I have no idea how to make the career move I need. I have been struggling with changing my job to an area that I envision for myself. Yet it means expanding on the skills I am comfortable with in my profession to areas I am not as familiar with in my career.

I daydream often of a vision I have of where I need to go next, yet I do not know how to get myself there. I sometimes feel a “little” depressed about all this.

Do I need a coach to help me get to the next step? I have not used a Life Coach before and wonder about this.

If I see a Life Coach what can I expect to receive and results to obtain? Could it assist my depression? I think my depression is fairly mild, yet I would want to talk with my Life Coach about this.

Please write soon. I need some direction.

Thank you,


Dear Meredith,

Thank you for writing to me about your career struggles. Being a Life Coach myself,  I urge you to talk with a prospective Coach at length about what you hope to expect to achieve in working with that person.

In working with a Life Coach, goals are usually short term, concrete, and behavioral in nature. Long term goals are reasonable to have also, yet deeper psychological solutions to the changes you want to make in your life, is not what a Life Coach does.

I have a free referral service, The Referral Net, which provides free referrals to find a Life coach and/or Psychologist. The website address of this service is

I support you to reach out and get assistance. The feedback I have received is that hiring a Life Coach can make a substantial difference in people being able to achieve their life goals.

I wish you well.

My best to you,

Laurie Grengs, M.A.

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker